Jentezen Franklin Ministry Daily Devotional 15 May 2024 | One Mother Can Change The World -
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Jentezen Franklin Ministry Daily Devotional 15 May  2024 | One Mother Can Change The World 

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One Mother Can Change The World

“She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness. Her children stand and bless her.” Proverbs 31:27-28

Susanna Wesley, the mother of John and Charles Wesley had a hard life. She ended up being a single mother to ten children but that did not stop her from paving the way for them to do great things. She had five main rules for raising her kids. Number one, she said, “subdue self-will in a child and work together with God to save that child’s soul.” That’s a sweet way of saying, “When they are full of rebellion, get it out.” Number two, Susanna said, “Teach a child to pray as soon as they can speak.” Number three, “Require them to be still during family worship.” Four was, “Give them nothing they cry for, only that which they ask for politely. Commend and reward good behavior.” And lastly, “Teach children to fear the rod.” 

This mother gave birth to two men who changed history- John Wesley and Charles Wesley, who turned the world upside down with revival. This amazing mother cut such a road that it affected two nations, England and America. She said this, “I am content to fill a little space if God be glorified.” We’re only passing through this life one time. And if you are going to fill some space with you and your family, make sure that God is being glorified with that space. We have to cut roads for our children and our babies.

An ounce of mother is worth a pound of preacher. How did these kids grow up to do such great things? Because a godly mother stepped up and led.

Will it matter how much money you have in the bank 100 years from now? Will it matter what kind of house you live in or what brand of car you drive? What we do with our children in this space that we have here and now is all that’s going to matter. 

Mothers, sometimes you feel like you fail or you don’t cut it. Sometimes you feel like you’ve messed up raising your kids but God gives an “A” for effort in parenting. If you just keep trying your best to turn back to God’s word and lay the right road, God sees your efforts. Have that protective, fighting spirit that isn’t going to let your child go down a destructive path. Don’t let the TV or the school system raise your children. Don’t let anybody raise your children but you. You be the one that has great influence in their life. One of these days, your son or daughter is going to exhale for the last time in this life and in that moment, you want to be sure that Jesus will be there to take them home. You want to pave a road for them that leads all the way to the streets of gold.

If you want a spirit of motherhood to come on you pray this prayer:

“Lord, I want to please you. I want to cut a road that my kids can travel on that will take them all the way to Heaven. Use me. I receive the spirit of motherhood. Help me to be involved in my children’s lives. Make me sensitive about my children’s needs. Make me attentive and please help me when I’m weak and struggling. Help me to be a wise guardian and protector over my household. Help me to raise up champions for you Lord. Let me pave the way for greatness in their lives. Amen.”


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