Topic: THE BEST THINGS YOU CAN GIVE GOD Part 1 – – 19 August 2021

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Dearly beloved, this is the last chapter of this book, which speaks about money being a god in the church even as Jesus Christ told me and showed me. I have heard and seen many Pastors’ saying, you can serve God with your money, and I do not subscribe to their school of thought, because money wasn’t even used to serve God in the era of carnal commandments, not to talk about era of spiritual commandments. Even though it was used in buying and selling some of the products that were used to pay offerings and tithe in the Old Testament, but money was never a means of serving God. Emperor Constantine creation of man-made money tithes and offerings brings about the serving of God with money but not God’s invented or Biblical. Many Pastors’ thoughts of serving God with your money is right with them but not with me, it is their invented service of serving God with money is also one of the reasons that made money a god inside the Church. I know some are saying we can serve God with all we have, but God only and approved way we can serve Him is through faith and Jesus Christ. Many Pastors’ have truly made their congregations believed that money is the best thing they can give God, and this thought is a product of their too much uncanny emphasis on money inside the Churches. Money may be the most important thing Pastors’ want from God or Christ flocks but it’s even the least of things God want from his children or flock.

Pastors’ like sacrifices of money and burnt offerings of money because of their personal interests, but God love and like mercy (showing of love or giving of help to our neighbours’ or those in need, the poor, even our brethren), and also desire that His children be equipped with His knowledge (See Hosea 6:6). God knew through burnt offerings and sacrifices peoples will justify themselves before Him like the Pharisees always do (See Luke 18:10-13) and that is why He loath sacrifices (See Hebrews 10:1-10). And those giving burnt sacrifices have this belief that they are helping God, especially the rich sinners in the churches, and they believe it is the best thing they can give God. No matter the importance of money to mankind in this world and the churches, but we must bear in mind that our souls are more important to God than our money and our eternal safety are more important to Him than our money. I will highlight few things important to God and what we can give Him that satisfies and pleases Him. These things don’t get emphasis from Pastors’ in many Churches and many Christians are not conscious of them nor see them as important things.

  1. The Salvation of our souls: God even got to the point of swearing to prove His desire concerning sinners is for them to be saved not to perish. He said, “Say unto them, as I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasures in the death of the wicked (sinners); but that the wicked turn (repent) from his way and live…”—Ezekiel 33:11. He said again “Have I pleasure at all that the wicked (sinners) should die?”—Ezekiel 18:23. Our salvation matter most to God than anything in this world, for God it is important to Him than our earthly desires. And His Son Jesus Christ echoed this truth in Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness…” But many people don’t see it as an important thing as God sees it, they overlook it and have no desire to repent from their ways, and because of the salvation of our souls, God gave His last card Jesus Christ (See Romans 5:8). And that we can see in John 3:16. And Apostle Peter made it clear that there is no other name given among men by which we must be saved (See Acts 4:12), save only by the last card of God, that is, Jesus Christ, this is the name given for our salvation (See Matthew 1:21) and no other name nor money can bring any man salvation save only the name Jesus Christ (See Romans 10:13). It is an assumption to believe that every Christian or Church goer is saved, but many Pastors’ know this truth, yet it is the least thing they emphasized on and some never talk about it but only on money. The salvation of our souls from the power of darkness (Colossians 1:13-14) made God gave the most precious thing He has, that is, His Son Jesus Christ. Other means to save mankind from sins and eternal damnation failed until God offered His last card (See Hebrews 10:1-10; 9:12-16). The salvation of our souls matter most to God than our money we give in churches, it is the highest in His scale of preference or lists of His priorities concerning mankind He showed me.
  2. Our Eternal Safety: This is another priority in the lists of God’s desires for all mankind. It is still our salvation from eternal destruction, damnation, and condemnation that awaits all those who died without salvation. But the truth is this, the salvation of our souls give us the hope of having eternal life or gives us a blessed assurance of eternal glorious home of bliss (See Colossians 1:13; John 3:16; Titus 1:2). It is possible to be saved (that is, believe in Jesus Christ), but not repented and converted (See Acts 3:19), and such have no eternal hope and place in God’s glorious home. Our eternal destination is where we are going to live eternally, and there are two eternal abode called Heaven and Hell. God’s desire is that we end up in His eternal habitation and for this reason He gave us His only begotten son as a key to open the gate that will lead us into this eternal life (See John 14:6). Being saved by His saving grace, is not all that can guarantee us our eternal safety, but with the support of His enabling and sustaining grace we have assurance of arriving in the utmost place as our eternal home. Pastors’ lay no emphasis on these things but on money and materials and comfort of the flesh. And such have made many Christians set their affection on this world rather than heavenly things above (See Colossians 3:1-2). Many Christians are not careful in their walking with the world, because their eternal destinies are not a concern for them. Some assumed that being called a Christians or being a Church goer will automatically guarantee them eternal safety, this is the darkness of assumption. God want His people to end up in His eternal habitation, Pastors’ don’t emphasized or sensitized Christians on this and many Christians are not conscious of their eternal destination as God is so keen to see that His flocks did not perish eternally. Jesus Christ assured us as His disciples or followers or as His flocks or sheep of our eternal safety in John 10:27-29. This doesn’t mean we should live nonchalantly, lest we may perish. The scripture said in 1 Corinthians 10:12 “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.”
  3. Our Characters: This is one of those things that God desire we have as His children and many Christians are not conscious and careful about having good and godly characters, and many Pastors’ can’t and don’t emphasize on this thing. Emphasis on money keep every Christian alerted even little children that they must load their pockets and purses with money before going to Church if they love and fear God, absurd, the precept of men at work according to Isaiah 29:13. Every character we exhibit before the world either makes people glorifies God or slander Him, yet many Christians seems not to acknowledge this truth. Pastors’ don’t emphasis on this truth concerning people’s characters as Christians, they fear offending people because most of the rich men or people inside the Churches have dirty or filthy characters, and we have nothing to write home about them. All the slanders and disparaging remarks, the rancorous and deleterious criticism the Churches and Christianity have received till now are products of bad characters and filthy words exhibited and spoken by Christians and Pastors’. People’s character doesn’t matter to Pastors’ but money does. When Bishop David Oyedepo in 2017, said, “Anybody in his church who refuse to pay money tithe will remain a permanent beggar.” I cried, not just because of the statement but because of the disparaging remarks people all over the world gives about such thing not from God not from His Holy Spirit but from his own heart. It was because of money he said such, but that can’t be said about holiness, righteousness, godliness, sanctification from worldly lusts and pleasures which 80% Christians in churches are still living in. But your character and mine matter much to God than giving of our money. Jesus Christ made it clear to us that our characters matters much to God in Matthew 5:16. Where He said, “Let your light (conduct and characters) so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”—Matthew 5:16. Jesus Christ did not mean or say we should advertise our good works or do showing off as many are doing today, and that is just hypocrisy. The point of emphasis here is the end product of our conduct and characters which either glorify God or slander His name. God desire we exhibit good and godly characters and conduct as His children. Good and godly Characters and conducts made the heathen called us Christians (See Acts 11:26), but with bad and ungodly characters and conducts we are hypocrites not true Christians. Many Christians are still smoking, drinking alcohol, fornicating, masturbation, involve in illicit sex, doing dubious businesses, using worldly slangs and colloquialism, dressing in worldly styles to seduced worldly people to themselves, dancing to worldly music, still playing pop and roll music that makes the singers and those who listen to it children of Be-li-al. Many Christians have filthy characters and conducts that made many Muslims even questioned their allegiance to Christ doctrine, yet they don’t care and their Pastors’ don’t also care provided they pay man-made money tithes and offerings every Sunday or Saturday, and that is their God’s fear and love.
    Dearly beloved, the Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew 26:41, “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation.” We all have sinned in one way or another because of money and the commonest means was by telling lies to get money. Don’t do any ungodly thing to get money, we know we can’t eat and drink without money, but don’t sin to have it. Repent from all secret sins and works of darkness and yield completely to the Lord Jesus Christ. Share with your friends. Shalom!


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